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Open access textbooks from Florida

News from Florida: Free open textbooks for everyone.

It was announced recently that a joint program called Orange Grove Texts Plus (OGT+) has been established between the University Press of Florida (UFP) and The Orange Grove, Florida’s Digital Repository, to provide free downloads of open access textbooks.  Downloads of electronic versions of books are available to anyone from the Orange Grove website.  Print copies can be ordered “for about half the cost of traditional textbooks” (see “For Students”).

Most of the news stories I saw on the announcement said this would be free for Florida students (they were Florida-based publications) but as open access web resources go, they are indeed available to those outside of Florida.  Currently, 126 books are available in the collection (here’s the list [PDF]) but they plan to include a “large selection” of titles from UFP’s 1600 title backlist.

You can browse the collection online at The Orange Grove site and choosing:

Browse Collections > Open Textbook Resources