Google Maps Mashup – Zip Code Overlay

I often find myself using Google Maps to locate places or to find directions and quite frequently I find myself asking “Which county is this in?” It would be nice if Google Maps had a built-in county line layer that could be enabled/disabled at will. I realize that I can turn on a layer in Google Earth to view this data, but I’m not always at a computer that has it installed.

So, I was glad to see someone produce a mashup that included a county line overlay. It’s quite simple: Enter a zip code and the system will return a Google Map with a county line boundary in red.

If you don’t know a zip code you can point and click on the map and navigate to the desired area. If you’re not a county line geek like me, then perhaps you might enjoy the zip code overlay or the city boundary overlay over at US Naviguide.

Google map with county line border

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