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Ebscohost Makes Sharing Easier

While taking the latest beta redesign of the Ebscohost search interface for a spin I noticed they’ve integrated the popular Add This bookmark button right next to the permanent URL in every article citation.

This particular bookmarking tool is used by many sites on the web and I anticipate our students will recognize it.  Whether they choose to add links to this kind of content on places like Facebook or Myspace is another story.  At least the option is available.  Here’s the sharing list that pops up when the button is clicked:

Open Access Books from The Ohio State University Press

The Wired Campus Blog posted today (by way of Kairosnews) about an open access program at THE Ohio State University Press. THE Press has made a selection of out-of-print books from their catalog available for download (PDF). While THE Press (or individual author) retains copyright for the works, the copyright statement on the books I browsed says the “…PDF files contain the complete text of the book and may be used for any non-commercial purpose.”

What a great step for a publisher. Now students and other researchers can access a number of materials they might not otherwise find in a local library or have the patience to wait for via interlibrary loan. Assuming, of course, that libraries can catalog and link to these texts or add them to an already existing e-book collection. Any other university presses doing this yet?